Our Groups

Women in Balance


A support and coping skills group for women.  This is a group that focuses on topics and issues specifically encountered by women in our modern society. We focus on empowerment while learning and practicing a variety of specific coping skills to assist women in achieving their goals and improving life satisfaction.

Topics include anxiety, depression, motherhood-related challenges, work/life balance, boundary setting, and a variety of other concerns that are often encountered by women in our community.

Meets every Friday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Ensō’s Women in Balance group is facilitated by Sarah A. Christensen, Ph.D., LP.  Sarah has over ten years of experience in providing individual and group therapy, and devotes a substantial portion of her practice to providing therapy to women across a broad range of concerns.

The Fatherhood Program


The Fatherhood Program is a structured group program for fathers that provides participants with support, education, and training aimed at developing skills and refining abilities that will help participants to become more effective fathers.  We help fathers form new relationships with other like-minded fathers that encourage new ways of thinking about their own situation and life.  The group program meets as an open-group format, meaning that new members can join at any time.  Each week, we will focus on one particular concept or goal, including:

•   Developing New Hope, New Skills, and

    New Thinking

•   The Fatherhood Philosophy

•   Short-Term Wins

•   The Power of the Community

•   Walking the Walk

•   Developing Better Solutions to Problems

•   Taking Ownership of our Roles

•   Checking our Ego, While Evolving our 


•   Executing on our Priorities

•   Developing the Discipline that’s Needed 

•   Determination Amidst Doubt

The group is scheduled to begin in Fall 2019, and will meet bi-weekly on Thursday evenings at 6:00pm.

Ensō’s Fatherhood Program is facilitated 

by Ryan N. Cragg, LCPC, LPC, NCC.  Ryan has over 15 years of experience in providing individual and group therapy, with particular focus on Men’s and Boys’ issues.